Friends, Facebook, and the Election

The election left me depressed, and I’m not referring to who won or lost the election. According to my loudest Facebook friends, the right candidate won the Presidential Election on Tuesday. I know this, because the shelling has stopped. The shelling? Yes, the shelling. A fellow blogger compared the election to the old television show, … Continue reading

Why do I Believe – or not?

The discussion today was Lenore’s idea. As you may know, in addition to this co-blog, Kim and Lenore each have their own individual blog. On October 18, 2012, Kim wrote a post on her blog titled, “If I Believed“. (You should pay a visit to her blog and read that post.) One might say Lenore … Continue reading

Will You Jump, Flip, and Fly?

The invitation: “Jump, Flip and Fly! For John and David’s 9th Birthday.” Joe and Charlie are invited to a birthday party that is to take place at the end of the month. Yay for my boys! They continue to get invited to parties, even though we do not throw parties. Not familiar with the name … Continue reading

Organized sports – Are you a believer?

I am a huge believer in kids playing sports, as soon as they’re old enough where their tendons won’t get stretched or damaged.  I can support my beliefs, and most of them have nothing to do with physical health.  Specifically in team sports, children learn discipline.  One child alone does not win a game, so … Continue reading

Uniformity or Individuality?

Am I for school uniforms? Well, I am not known for my keen fashion sense. In fact, I am known for my lack of keen fashion sense. Apparently, dresses that wear like potato sacks are not stylish. And, get this… supposedly, wearing socks with sandals is a ‘no-no’. Whatever. My lack of fashion sense has … Continue reading

Work it! (Or not)

Will Noah work when he’s a teenager?  This is something I’ve actually thought a lot about, and so has Joe.  We both worked as teenagers, and bought our own cars, albeit me with the help of a down payment from my deceased father.  I started working at 15, which required permission from the school, and … Continue reading

Are you a Keeper or a Tosser?

The boys are several weeks into the new school year. Yay! Alas, this also means the boys have brought home several weeks’ worth of school work. Boo! Take a look around our house. Go ahead. Start in the dining room. See all the drawings and construction paper pictures taped to the window? Do you notice … Continue reading

Handling the Money – What Works for Us

I’ve never been very good with my money.  Up until the last 10 years or so I didn’t ever budget myself.  I would pay my bills and spend as I wanted, leaving little leftover come the next paycheck, and saving was not happening.  Then I met Joe, who is very aware of his money and … Continue reading